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– FOUNDED 2005 – 

Midgrad library was one man’s vision of creating a place where books both unknown and mysterious held prominence. Its shelves were lined with the works of many authors, whose works challenged conventional thought and were filled with imagination.

The year of 1827 brought tragedy to Turku and the Midgard Library, in the form of a devastating fire. Vilppu would seek a new home for his library in America, the place of new thought and opportunity. 

The library would reopen in the town of Magnolia, Florida, to once more start its quest for books of wonder and imagination. However in the year of 1843, on September 13th, a hurricane destroyed the city. Rumors of witchcraft and sightings of strange monsters before and during the storm were upon the lips of the town’s survivors. 

Vilppu and the library mysteriously disappeared. It was the second disaster surrounding the mysterious library and its enigmatic owner. 

The founders of the present Midgard Library found a warehouse filled with wondrous books and strange artifacts. Also discovered was the personal diaries of Vilppu himself, written in an arcane language. 

The new library continues Vilppu’s traditions and seeks to publish strange and imaginative fiction, which it sells to readers across the globe.